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06:10pm 28/09/2005
  I thought some of you might find this short film interesting. Al Roach: Private Insectigator is a black and white CG animation film done the film noir style about a colony of bugs living in the weeds behind the Hollywood sign. Its only available today on AOL. You can check it out here...

what do you think? pretty good, huh?
12:56pm 31/08/2005
  Come join!

Please Participate - Sign This Petition! 
08:11pm 31/07/2005
  Help Stunt performers gain the recognition they deserve!

fuck it' i'm postin' somethin' 
01:45am 04/07/2005
mood: ambitious
ok... i just joined. and i'm posting some sort of something here.

has anybody seen palindromes yet? ever since i moved out into the middle of NO-FUCKING-WHERE i never get to see shit. and i LOVE solondz. so maybe someone of the, i don't know, four members have seen it? maybe? possibly?

or we could just discuss how fucking awful the jacket was.

sure... why not?
This is the part where I beg. 
08:03am 14/01/2005
  I have no idea how to get a community up and running, so join! And tell people, then they’ll join! Then…ok, yeah.

I haven't really got any ideas for community colors, so if you have any suggestions fire away!
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