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Talk Film

talk about those movie pictures we love so.

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Howdy, this community isnt officially open, but feel free to join anyway!

Here at Talk Film we encourage you to do just that, talk about films! Classics, modern classics and those guilty pleasures! Not to mention that all other aspects of the industry - directing, acting, the inner workings of Hollywood, the plights of independent directors and companies make for worthy discussion.

Kurosawa doesn’t have to be a demi-god to you (although it helps!) nor do you have to think Marlon Brando is the greatest actor to live, everyone has different opinions and thoughts, as long as you can articulate them well then you are a perfect fit for the community. While we don’t consider ourselves elitists the only thing we ask is for intelligent opinions and viewpoints.

Community Rules:

- Be respectful. I’m not asking for anyone to be a choirboy, but needless name calling, insulting someone’s taste etc. is not welcome. This obviously includes derogatory remarks based on sex, race et al.

- Discussions of blockbusters will not be looked down on. Just because a film has a big budget and a famous cast doesn’t automatically make it dreadful. That’s not the sort of mentality we are trying to promote. Judge a film by it’s merits.

- Use LJ-cut! Lenghty posts, pictures etc should be placed behind a LJ-cut.

- Spoiler warnings. If you are going to discuss specific moments in a film please include spoiler warnings in the subject. Not everyone has seen every movie ever made.

- Include the title of the film in the subject, this makes it easier for people when searching. Plus, you will feel more warranted when you say “already discussed ten times, GOSH! Use the search button”

- Stay Active

- And Promote (not a rule, a request!)